Your LIFE indoors.

INDOOR AIR POLLUTION is an all time issue….everywhere.

The fact is that whatever the season, families spend longer hours indoors. Employees also spend extended hours indoors. As much as 80% of most adults spend time and life indoors. Stay home mothers, infants, toddlers and the senior citizens could be spending up to 100% of their day, totally indoors for stretches of days. WHAT ARE THEY BREATHING?

You will not believe what is being breathed in day after day and the range of contaminants that is air borne is devastating …….. be it in the bedrooms, home or even the office environment.  Indoor air contaminants ranges from dust, dust mites, mites droppings, pollen, volatile organic compounds, radon, formaldehyde, and a whole range of unbelievable chemicals.

Indoor air is filled with gases and fumes of all sorts of chemicals off aerosols, cleaning agents, furniture glue, vapours off wall paints and interior home materials, toxins off home used machineries and the list goes on and on.

Cleaning methods must change. Do not forget that your airconditioners are culprits. your vooking gas stove is a culprit. Ductings are culprits. Cleaning must include regular washing of indoor air with water. and are reminders for action, corrections and reasons to initiate HEALTHY INDOOR LIFE and LIVING.

Knowing how to and choosing to become a WINNING HEALTHY FAMILY is only a phone call away for families in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.